We are proud to introduce our visual and performing artists from our most recent December exhibition. The following artists showcased work inspired by the imagery, themes, and colors found in the "Plains" film.



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Jessica Rotter is able to transcend creative boundaries and defy what’s expected of a modern female musician. The songstress’ voice has been heard across multiple genres, from movies, TV shows and commercials to backing vocals and collaborations with other artists—all in addition to her original songs. The list of artists she has worked with reads like a who’s who of the music industry today: Daft Punk, Carole King, Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, Sara Bareilles, and others.

Rotter’s family roots are steeped in music, with her grandfather writing songs for Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. With this background, Rotter describes herself as a “musical storyteller” with classical training from Pepperdine University in opera, musical theatre, and directing for theatre and film. She is just as comfortable using her voice in a major feature film (credits include Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and Frozen) as she is performing one of her original songs live.

Following the success of charting #1 on HypeMachine with her mashup of Stay/Animal with Emily Colombier, Rotter just released her first full length album, Plains. Produced by Cazz Brindis and mixed by Scott M. Smith (Carole King, John Mayer, Katy Perry), the 11 track record is breathtakingly stunning and cinematic. Most uniquely, Plains is organically raw with the listener being able to hear breath in every track, a rarity in today’s over produced musical landscape.

In the album’s leading single “Pray for Rain”, Rotter poignantly describes wrestling with falling in love in “uncertain times, lost times and times of revelation.” On the track “Stars”, you can clearly hear Rotter’s past of free spirited travels and musical influences of early 60s folk and Americana. “Let Me Go” is a well-crafted, catchy and emotional pop tune expressing the restless moments found in relationships.




Mackenna Millet is a designer & human .gif living in Los Angeles, California. Mostly self taught from the depths of Youtube, Mackenna focuses on motion graphics and hand-lettered typography. While in college, she was chosen as a member of Team Oscar for the 86th Academy Awards. After graduating from Pepperdine University with a BA in Media Production, she was hired as a Motion Graphic Designer at McBeard Media. She has worked with clients including 20th Century Fox, Coca Cola, AT&T, and Disney. When she is not on her computer you can find her eating tacos, on a photo adventure, or providing unintentional comic relief for her friends.

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Miles Lewis is an artist and educator, who teaches a variety of classes and workshops around Los Angeles, while exhibiting internationally. 

His work most often shows an unusual contact between things triggering an acute stylization of symbols and objects, as if to show the material form of a surprised and anxiously imaginative response. 

His website is

His instagram is @mileslewisart. 



Sarah Lindsley is a recent graduate from Pepperdine University and currently resides in Calabasas, California.  At Pepperdine she studied Theatrical Design with an emphasis in Costuming, and also minored in Fine Art.  She primarily works as a stitcher at a custom costume shop in North Hollywood and is also apart of an audience engagement concierge team with the Center Theatre Group.  This is her first time working with Kaleidoscope, and is thrilled to be working amongst such whimsical creatives.